1. Paltok Making

    Paltok is the Philippine version of counter strike here in our country. It is made out of bamboo, sticks and paper. The bamboo itself is the body of your fake gun like weapon, while the paper that is wet will be your bullet and the stick will be the one who will push the said bullet through the hole of the bamboo to your target. This stick is usually inserted to another bamboo piece making sure that both ends will meet and the size of the stick will fit perfectly to the body of your bamboo.

    I used to play this game a lot when i was a kid so when i saw a father making a Paltok for his child i immediately took the chance to take a picture of it. I’m not really sure with this but there’s a so called season for this kind of game because i’ve been home for the past few months but i didn’t see any trace of kids playing this game not until last week. I’m actually quite tempted to try playing Paltok again but the idea of a scene where i’m holding one and trying to find a target is not pretty. Cruel much.

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