1. Joseph Jiao

  2. Iskeyts

    Photos are taken at the municipality of Libmanan in the province of Camarines Sur, Philippines. This railroad connects Libmanan to the city of Naga. When trains don’t occupy the rails, “Iskeyts" an improvised vehicle made out of wood and metal frames that is powered either by a machine or manually pushed by men serve as a ride to connect the residents to the closest barangays near the railroad. 

  3. December 11, 2013 in Photos

    I had the day off from work today so i decided to go for a swim near my place. The place was lovely because its nothing like the stressful Metro Manila that i encounter everyday, just exactly what i need to get away from this suffocating city.

    I just walked my way to the Eco Park for about 20 mins just to exercise my muscles as a preparation for the swim. I swam for 2 hrs which was exhausting yet fulfilling. Oh nothing cheers me up than a good swim! The fluidity of it is a material that epitomizes freedom.

  4. October 9, 2013 in Photos

    I commute every day on my way to work, from East Fairview to Pasig via bus or van. It’s an excruciating ride of an hour and a half. Books and music usually accompany me, but this morning for a change, i brought my camera. And since I haven’t been posting anything lately, it’d be a great time to update this blog. 

    I love commuting SOMETIMES, riding the bus, train or whatever kind of vehicle. Half of my life decisions came here. Silly as it may sound but that’s a true story, even the story for my short film came while me and my friend were inside the jeepney. Living in Manila, this pleasure is slowly deteriorating. So before it completely vanishes,i know i have to use this little faith i have for this blissful habit. 

  5. August 9,2013